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The IGCSE learning centre Malaysia provides various courses and programs for students. These include online training. Its online training allows students to log in anytime between semesters. This allows students to decide whether to drop out of the course or withdraw. Students can also save the course to their computer.

About igcse learning centre malaysia

The IGCSE is an internationally recognised qualification for students who are aiming for a career in the UK or abroad. This qualification is equivalent to the UK GCSE and O-Level examinations. In Malaysia, there are several international schools offering this course. The main objective of the course is to help students improve their English language and critical thinking skills and prepare them for the examinations.

The IGCSE course is structured in such a way that each subject will earn an individual certificate. Typically, students will take five subjects, and receive five IGCSE certificates. However, the number of subjects students are required to take depends on their individual choice and the demands of their schools. In Malaysia, students must also study SPM Bahasa Malaysia as it is a mandatory subject in Year 11.

The IGCSE course is popular with adult students and homeschoolers. Students are normally 14 to 17 years old and sit for the exam two times a year. The examinations are usually held in May and November and the results are usually issued in August or January. The IGCSE course can be expensive, but students can take advantage of scholarships and even get admitted to college earlier than SPM graduates.

Courses offered

IGCSE stands for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is the equivalent of the UK GCSE and O-Level. The exam is taken by secondary school students and is designed to develop their critical thinking, creative skills, and problem-solving abilities. There are many IGCSE learning centres in Malaysia, with a wide range of courses to choose from.

Students in the country are required to take the IGCSE exam before continuing their studies in Advanced Level, otherwise known as year 12 and 13. The IGCSE programme lasts five years, starting from Year 7 and ending with Year 11 exams. The examinations are set and marked by the Examination Board.

The exam boards divide the questions according to difficulty. This gives students with different levels of learning abilities enough time to improve their skills and pass the exams. There is also a lower student-teacher ratio, which helps students receive individualized attention.


If you’re unsure where to find IGCSE learning centres in Malaysia, you don’t need to go far. There are several options available in the country, including online classes. You can also choose to attend a physical centre if you’d prefer. Many of these centres will have dedicated teachers who are passionate about their subjects. The facilities are well equipped to teach students of various ages, from primary school through secondary school.

If you’re wondering where to find IGCSE tuition in Malaysia, look no further than Pusat Tuisyen Warna Cemerlang, a popular tuition centre. It has tutors with more than five years of experience. It has helped many students improve their command of English and other languages. The tutors are familiar with the examination format and answer methods, and will design a lesson plan specifically for each student.

ACE Education Mont Kiara has a variety of courses, including IGCSE. The tuition staff consists of native-speaking professionals with a passion for teaching. The centre also offers a wide variety of language courses. The centre’s teachers use proven methods and have years of experience in the classroom.

Contact information

If you’re looking for an IGCSE learning centre in Malaysia, you’ve come to the right place. The EDCELL Learning Centre is located at 01, 73, Jalan Austin Heights 3, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru. It offers a wide range of educational programs and services.

The IGCSE is the equivalent of the British O-Level and UK GCSE. It is a five-year course, which begins with Year 7 and ends with Year 11 exams. The examinations are set and marked by the Examination Board. The results are usually issued in January or August. Some families find the cost of taking the IGCSE exam prohibitive, but there are scholarships available for those who pass. In addition, IGCSE graduates can apply for college earlier than SPM graduates, thus saving time and money.

The Dignity for Children Foundation is another organization operating in Malaysia that provides quality education to urban poor children. This organization has partnered with local communities and NGOs to improve the quality of education for the poor. The organization has many centres throughout Malaysia, but many of them struggle with a lack of funding, overcrowded classrooms, high teacher turnover, and limited opportunities for higher education.