IGCSE Tuition in Subang Jaya

IGCSE Tuition Centre in Subang Jaya
November 4, 2022

If you are looking for IGCSE tuition Subang Jaya, you are in luck! Tuition costs for most subjects start from RM180 per session. The average cost for five sessions a month is RM900. Group rates are also available, so you can schedule your lessons according to your availability.

Einstein Education

There are many different types of tuition available in Subang Jaya, including private lessons, group lessons, and home schooling. While many of these centers cater to students from different parts of Malaysia, others specialize in particular subjects, such as A level subjects, IGCSE Additional Mathematics, and pure Mathematics. Whether you are looking for a tutor to help you with your studies or are looking for a home school program, the Einstein Education House may be the perfect choice for you.

This educational institution is based on individualised learning principles and provides tuition at the primary, lower secondary, and secondary levels. There are two locations in the Subang Jaya area. The school has a special needs program for children from 18 months to 18 years of age.

TWINS Education

The Cambridge IGCSE Centre is a centre for IGCSE tuition in Subang Jaya USJ that is dedicated to the examination. This school offers English, Malay BM and Chinese IGCSE tuition. The tutors are highly experienced and dedicated to the subject.

The tuition centre was established in 2014. Since then, it has been helping aspiring young people with IGCSE and A-Level tuition. Since its inception, all students have scored at least five credits and attained straight A’s. The school has developed a good reputation in Malaysia by providing top-notch IGCSE and A-Level tuition.

The tuition centre provides students with both online and physical classes. The school’s dedicated teachers focus on interactive learning methods. The institute also offers enrichment programmes to cater to the specific needs of students.

Tutors at Einstein Education House

Einstein Education House was founded in 2006 as an education service provider. It has since grown to become one of the most sought-after tuition centres in the country, offering comprehensive learning programmes for students of all levels and subject areas. The school believes that every student has the potential to succeed academically when provided with the right balance of guidance and motivation.

The school is committed to helping its students achieve their full potential by providing one-on-one IGCSE tuition from qualified, experienced teachers. Students can take free trial classes to assess whether the school is a good fit for them. Students can also benefit from 24/7 homework support.

Courses offered at TWINS Education

TWINS Education is an educational institute that specializes in IGCSE and A-Level tuition courses. The teachers are trained in latest examination standards and classroom management techniques, ensuring that the classes are well-conducted and students have a positive learning experience. The institute also offers enrichment programs and IELTS courses for students. The tutors at TWINS Education include Andy Gan and Chris Gan, who specialise in maths and business subjects.

Students who enroll in the IGCSE tuition courses at TWINS Education will learn from skilled tutors with years of experience. The principal of the institute is responsive and pays close attention to the needs of students and their parents. Students can choose from a wide variety of subjects, depending on their skills and capacity. The IGCSE tuition courses are especially advantageous for students who have learning disabilities. Additionally, students will gain confidence and a strong sense of leadership skills. Moreover, they will be equipped with the skills and competencies required for global education.

Cost of igcse tuition in Subang Jaya

There are various tuition centres in Subang Jaya offering a wide variety of tuition options. Some offer group lessons while others offer private lessons. Many cater to students from all over Malaysia. You can choose a tuition centre that fits your needs based on your budget. For instance, Einstein Education House has just opened its doors to new students for the May-June 2017 IGCSE examination. This centre features highly qualified teachers who specialize in A level subjects and IGCSE Additional Mathematics and Pure Mathematics. The tuition centre also offers home school programs for students who want to study independently.

The cost of IGCSE tuition in Subang Jaya varies depending on the school. Some schools charge a deposit for admission while others do not. You can also choose a private institution in Subang Jaya that charges a small amount each term.