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June 9, 2022
Looking For an Interior Designer in KL?
June 28, 2022

If you’re looking for an interior design expert in Kuala Lumpur, there are some choices. The 4-star hotel located in Kuala Lumpur, that is focused in conceptual design, Dorsett Hartamas is well-known by its many success projects. Their team of specialists combines experience with expertise to create stunning and efficient spaces for your house. Keep reading to learn more about the most effective options.

Omers Design

Omers Design Sdn Bhd, an interior design company, has earned a good reputation. The firm specializes in architectural, space planning, commercial design and residential design. The firm was formed in 2009. It specializes both in interior design consulting jobs and turnkey projects. The company’s goal is to design a home environment that speaks of space, light and character, while listening to their customers’ individual requirements and wants. Interior design experts from Omers Design work on residential and commercial projects from beginning to finish.

The Omers Design team Omers Design has a wealth of experience in interior design and construction, that includes renovations from top to bottom. Omers Design’s focus is on the practicality of the space , and provides innovative ideas, while keeping high standard of design and quality. The group is made up of talented and young designers who have a passion for providing outstanding service and quality. Each of the members of the team of interior designers is experienced and passionate about what they do.

Jazzbi Kwan is a co-founder as well as director at Omers Design. She has over 25 years experience with residential and commercial interior design. The company has been involved in a number of initiatives, such as the Chaozhou Wanta Shopping Mall as well as the ShanTou Ding Tai Fung Office Tower. You may need assistance for an existing project or want to begin a new one, Omers Design is well-established within KL.

ACP Design is a top-rated interior design firm within Kuala Lumpur. It is a specialist in design for hospitality and commercial spaces with innovative strategies and solutions for clients. With over twenty years in the business, AJM Interiors offers a variety of services and a diverse portfolio. Meanwhile, B&N Design Associate was established in 2006 and has vast experience and knowledge in the field. They are dedicated to providing quality design work and honest support.

Luxe Interior design Sdn Bhd A design studio that offers professional design services, has a dedicated group of designers focused on creativity and pay care for detail. Their aim is to assist their clients create designs that is durable and performs well. Their attention to detail is something they are famous for. They also have the capacity to look beyond the normal. They have a long history of satisfying clients and achieving the desired outcome. The client will be delighted with the results.

One Roof Design

Viyest Interior Design is an experienced team of design and construction professionals who specialize in office and home improvements. One Roof Design, another KL design business with an innovative and well-trained team members. The company offers services in designing interiors, architectural design, and space planning. One Roof Design is a team of skilled interior designers and contractors who concentrate on the experience of their clients and operate using a multi-faceted approach. They’re dedicated to providing customers with a distinctive design solution, while offering an all-in-one solution to your expansion needs.

With more than 10 years of expertise, One Roof Design specializes in interiors that are modern and integrates natural elements, warm hues, and wood in their designs. This style is perfect for people who are looking to build an elegant home with rustic elements. The studio has been awarded numerous accolades and awards from domestic and foreign sources. Interior design is offered at this studio, including the creation of custom built-in furniture. They also offer consultations, and custom-designed services.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant residence, a modern office or extravagant home, One Roof Design will make an interior that is in line with your ideal. The design team at One Roof Design has nearly a decade’s expertise in designing commercial spaces. They can design anything you require including master bedrooms and showrooms. This design company that has won awards has an entire team of professionals who will work with you to make sure that your project is completed with your complete satisfaction.

AJM Interiors is a leading KL design firm that has a track record for quality and innovation. The team of interior designers designs spaces that are practical and beautiful. The business was established in the year 2006 and has received numerous contracts. Turn Design Interior has been a participant in numerous tenders, as well as have won several international design competitions. Turn Design Interior is a top choice if you are seeking a top design firm situated in Kuala Lumpur.

Turn Design Interior

If you’re considering an upgrade for your home or simply want to revamp your office, you may want look into an interior design company that is reputable. Turn Design Interior was founded in 1998 and has a long-standing history of success. It is also supported by strong corporate power. You will get the best quality work and the fastest timelines for each job. From bathroom and kitchen renovations to complete home makeovers, Turn Design’s designers Turn Design can provide you with everything you need for your interior design needs.

Blaine Robert Design Sdn. Bhd. is a bespoke interior design company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The firm offers interior design , space planning, and custom-made furniture. The clients they serve include the Ritz-Carlton, St Regis, and Ecoworld and several luxury condominium owners. They are known for professional and personal service that will exceed your expectations. Turn Design Interior Consultant KL assigns an interior designer for your plan and will monitor the progress together with the client.

Prestige Home Avenue

Prestige Home Avenue, a leading provider of ideas for home d├ęcor and services is an excellent starting point. Prestige Home Avenue specializes in interior design for luxury residences as well as contemporary commercial designs. The firm has extensive construction experience and combines landscape design and interior design skills. The firm also offers the services of a contractor for different projects. It is located in KL but provides its services across the nation.